LEADERSHIP and MANAGEMENT courses from Axioma

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How to build leadership and management teams for high performance?

Training for developing management and leadership teams for high performance.

For those starting out in leadership roles, for the operational level and for top management.

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Development of knowledge, abilities, practice, preparation for certification

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iLead - Leadership Role Igniter

Actively embrace the leadership role, prepare for performance, develop the necessary skills
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Action Centered Leadership

Get ready to lead teams using the longest-lived model - Action Centered Leadership (ACL).

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iDevelop people Growth Accelerator

Dedicated training for learning the skills and practices of employee development for performance
Modelul ACL

The DNA of leadership, the longest-lived leadership model in the world

John Adair's simple (but not at all simplistic) Action-Centered Leadership model provides a blueprint for the leadership and management of any team, group, or organization. Action Centered Leadership is also a simple model of leadership and management, which makes it easy to remember and apply, and can be tailored to your own situation.

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