Persolog® Personality Factor Model Certification

Discover the secrets of human behaviour, develop the key skills for productively interacting with others



How to better understand the human behaviour?

Today it is increasingly important to work with people and help them react in line with the  workplace’s requirements, especially in the field of relationships and communication.

By participating in this certification seminar, you will learn to use an internationally recognized model and discover many application areas.

You will receive a wide range of persolog tools, which will significantly improve your performance as a manager, trainer, coach or HR practitioner!

Training Summary

Gain a Better Understanding of Yourself and Others by Using Your Knowledge about the

Dominant D, Influencing I, Steady S and Cautious C

Behavioral Styles



  • Period: TBD| Duration: 2.5 Days + 0.5 Day follow-up 
  • Language: English 
  • Delivery method: in-class or LIVE Virtual 
  • Format: Open sessions, In-house


The following profiles will benefit from this course:

  • Trainers, learning and development professionals
  • Managers, team leaders
  • HR professionals
  • Mentors and Coaches
  • Recruiters

What do participants get?

At the end of this course, you will:

  • Be able to support your employees/clients in increasing their potential and productivity at work
  • Make sure that the right person will fill in the proper role within the company
  • Improve the communication and collaboration within the team significantly you lead
  • Receive a wide range of persolog tools as well as marketing materials
  • Start working with a scientifically verified model, world-wide recognised
  • Begin to enrich your portfolio of tools and know-how, thus further increasing the value of your services

Trainers and evaluators

David Minchin
David MinchinMaster Trainer Persolog
Accredited trainer with a career in leadership and behavioural training. Over the years, David has experienced various leadership roles in Operations Management within Corporate Organizations.
Marian Stirbescu
Marian StirbescuMaster Trainer Persolog
Certified trainer, with experience in leadership, project management, and sales. Marian is passionate about understanding the human behaviour and is always concerned with how you can influence and persuade through quality communication


The topics are delivered in an interactive format, with frequent usage scenarios, covering the following areas:

  • Introduction to the Persolog Personality Factor Model
  • Creating your own Personality Factor Profile
  • Graphs interpretation
  • Understanding the 7 steps of interpretation of the profile
  • Information about the history and validity of the Persolog Personality Model

  • Using the persolog Online system
  • Personnel selection based on the  Job Perception Profile
  • Using Strategic Planners for sales, coaching, leadership, time management and telemarketing
  • Presentation of the TrainerBox’s content
  • Final assessment (during the follow-up session)

Increase your professional impact!

Regardless of your role, human resources professional, recruiter, trainer, manager or freeelancer, with the Persolog certification you gain access to materials, questionnaires, reports and resources, that can support you in making  a superior impact at the organisational level

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Materials included in the Certification in the persolog® Personality Factor Model

Delegates attending the certification sessions receive the following materials:

  • Persolog TrainerBox
  • Persolog Behavioural Profile (x2)
  • persolog job profile (x1)
  • Intendo cards (x1)
  • persolog Personal Mastery Report ( the compact online report for individual coaching)
  • Participant’s handbook: Develop your personality
  • Strategy planner for sales and service
  • Strategy planner for employee appraisals
  • The Behavioural Blueprint book (softcover)
  • PowerPoint presentations and PDF materials
  • Diploma and international license: Certified Trainer/ Consultant in the persolog® Personality Factor Model


£2200 (2500 Euro) VAT Exclusive/ participant

Early bird price: £1900 VAT Exclusive/participant. Special price available until May  31st. 

Discounts are available for groups of 3+ delegates


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In-house sessions

Do you have a group of at least 6 colleagues interested in this topic and would you like to organize a dedicated session for your company? 

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