Persolog® Personal Resilience Model Certification

Discover how you can face failures and overcome difficult moments



How do you know whether you are resilient or not?

Resilience is a word that has become very relevant in recent years - it means inner resistance and flexibility. This does not mean that resilient people never face setbacks or that difficulties do not bother them. But they have the required resources and skills to stay on their feet, despite the unfavourable circumstances. They know how to deal with failures and how to use their strengths and abilities to go on.

Resilience consists of many different factors. There is no unanimous opinion on how many, and which factors form resilience. But similar factors are mentioned again and again in different sources. These include realistic optimism, a positive self-image, acceptance or future orientation.

Training Summary

Get trained and licensed to use the persolog® Resilience Profile!



  • Period: TBD | Duration: 2 days  
  • Language: English
  • Delivery method: in-class or LIVE Virtual 
  • Format: Open sessions, In-house


  • Soft-Skills trainers
  • Coaches
  • Consultants

What do participants get?

At the end of this course, you will:

  • Gain the practical know-how and the right to use the persolog® Resilience Model for life
  • Increase the quality of your sessions by using scientifically validated materials
  • Receive a "turn key" resilience training program that you will be able to sell and increase your income
  • Offer the participants a WOW experience through exercises and interactive games
  • Gain more credibility by associating your image with an international brand
  • Become part of the community of persolog trainers and have access to regular free webinars

Trainers and evaluators

David Minchin
David MinchinMaster Trainer Persolog
Accredited trainer with a career in leadership and behavioural training. Over the years, David has experienced various leadership roles in Operations Management within Corporate Organizations.
Marian Stirbescu
Marian StirbescuMaster Trainer Persolog
Certified trainer, with experience in leadership, project management, and sales. Marian is passionate about understanding the human behaviour and is always concerned with how you can influence and persuade through quality communication


The topics are delivered in an interactive format, with frequent usage scenarios, covering the following areas:

  • What is resilience and why develop it?
  • Which are the 4 main areas and the 10 factors of resilience?
  • Gain access to your personalized Profile which shows you the level of the factors you are currently at.
  • Understand your strenghts and the areas you can further develop.
  • Gain practical strategies for developing your resilience.

  • Learn how to apply the profile to others and interpret the results. 
  • Using the persolog Online system
  • Get familiar with facilitating in-class or online resilience training sessions
  • Discover how to benefit from the collaboration with Persolog
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Material included in the persolog®Personal Resilience Model Certification

Participants attending the certification sessions receive the following materials:

  • Persolog® PowerPoint presentation
  • Persolog® Resilience and Personality Workbook
  • Facilitative Manual Theory Guide Personal Resilience (PDF)
  • Personal Resilience Profile


£1350 (1500 Euro) VAT Exclusive/ participant for companies 


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In-house sessions

Do you have a group of at least 6 colleagues interested in this topic and would you like to organize a dedicated session for your company? 

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