Remote Training Delivery 
Accreditation Course

Mastering remote training delivery with CARTA


Challenge: How to deliver quality online training with high level of engagement?

New challenges, same questions ... Is it possible to deliver remote training courses with a high degree of interactivity from behind the screen of your computer? How easily can participants relate to the new way of learning? 

What is the degree of openness that can be achieved when delivering distance learning?

What do we need to do to change attitudes and influence behaviors in this way? What is the recipe for delivering a special experience every time?

If you are interested in discovering these answers together, come join us at the next LIVE session!

Training summary

A train the trainer session for getting accredited in designing and delivering remote learning courses. Dedicated to trainers who aim at providing a learning experience level similar or superior to in-class training.

CARTA Accredited Trainer


  • Period: TBD
  • Duration: 2 training days + 0,5 day for the accreditation session
  • Language: English
  • Delivery method: Remote (virtual classroom), using Zoom and Colltrain


The following individuals will benefit from this course:
  • Internal trainers
  • Product trainers
  • Learning and Development Specialists
  • Department managers who develop colleagues through training
  • Freelancers - independent trainers
Prerequisites: we expect the delegates to master key training delivery techniques and to have an experience of at least 1 year (in class or online training delivery)

What do you get?

As a participant will have the opportunity to:

  • Become familiar with the specifics of remote delivery
  • Experience working with the platforms and technologies
  • Gain knowledge and skills to transform and adapt courses to the new delivery mode
  • Practice upon validated recipes for getting participants engaged and for generating memorable experiences, with similar or superior results to those achieved in class
  • Certify the professional level for virtual LIVE training delivery
  • Become CARTA Accredited Trainer


  • The specifics of online delivery
  • Adapting the trainer’s role to the new approach
  • How to get participants involved in remote training
  • Support delivery platforms
  • CARTA method - Manifesto, values, pillars, principles
  • Training delivery process
  • Best practices
  • Practicing activities and games - CARTA Library
  • Steps to content transformation fit for online environment
  • Content minimization, signaling and visual amplification
  • Final evaluation and certification "CARTA Acredited Trainer"
Out of scope: although during the course we will use Zoom and other digital tools, this course does not provide technical education on using video conferencing platforms (Zoom, MS Teams, etc.)

Your guides

David Minchin
David MinchinSenior Trainer, Facilitator
Accredited trainer with a career in leadership and behavioural training. Over the years, David has experienced various leadership roles in Operations Management within Corporate Organizations.
Marian Stirbescu
Marian StirbescuSenior Trainer, Facilitator
Certified senior trainer, author and promoter of innovative learning methods. Marian is the author of the CARTA method and contributes as product manager for Colltrain platform.
Nicole Raduta
Nicole RadutaSenior Trainer, Facilitator
Soft skills and Sales senior trainer, creator of evaluation and certification programs, and instructional designer for the Colltrain platform. Nicoleta creates unique learning experiences using techniques aimed at active involvement and development of participants.

What do you need to prepare to attend this session successfully?

For a memorable experience, we recommend you allocate dedicated time and use a suitable space for learning.
To attend the training sessions, the following equipment is required:

  • laptop/PC with Windows or Mac OS X operating systems, equipped with video camera and headphones with microphone
  • ZOOM application (available for free on the provider's website)
  • noise-free workspace, suitable for learning
  • high speed internet connection
  • optional for certain activities - iPad tablet with pencil or similar

What platforms do we use?

LIVE training sessions are delivered using the ZOOM and Colltrain platforms

CARTA for online training

By creating the CARTA method we have adapted training activities to the specifics of online learning, so you can benefit from the new opportunities. Let’s openly share all these practices with professional trainers around the world.

Your benefits


You use a replicable method, easy to adapt to a large variety of online training topics


You gain access to reusable activity formats, for a predictable outcome


You join a community of training professionals practicing new approaches of team experiential learning

Professional recognition

Your expertise in an innovative field get recognized


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Early Bird: £990 (1125  Euro) VAT exclusive / participant (33% discount included)
The price covers the participation fee and learning materials in digital format. The certification session is free of charge for participants who attend it within 30 days from the completion of the course.

Additional benefits: as course participant you receive free access to the Colltrain platform for 12 months and a 2-hour coaching/consultancy package for your training content transformation.

In-house sessions

Do you have a group of at least 6 colleagues interested in this topic and would you like to organize a dedicated session for your company?

Let's get in touch!