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Training for developing Agile knowledge and skills for SCRUM, SAFe, Agile and Kanban roles, for software development, but also for non-IT teams in operational departments: sales, HR, production, and finance. 

Agile Leadership for leadership teams looking to transform the way of working in the organization.

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Development of knowledge, skills, practice, preparation for certification

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Agile Starter / First steps to success

A course on learning techniques and good practices in Agile projects, based on an experiential approach on building and consolidating work skills in SCRUM teams. Delivery options for project teams and operational teams.

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SAFe Product Owner Product Manager

Develop the skills required to drive value delivery in a Lean organization - and learn about the activities, tools, and mechanisms used to manage backlogs and programs - becoming the SAFe® 5 Product Owner / Product Manager (POPM).

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Agile Transformation

We support Agile transformation initiatives through strategy, coaching, training and consulting.

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SAFe SCRUM Master with certification

Compared to the traditional Scrum Master training which focuses on Scrum, the SAFe Scrum Master course explores the role of Scrum Master in the context of the entire SAFe Agile organization and prepares participants to successfully plan and execute an Increment Program (IP).


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